Vacation Mode = Disassociative
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Vacation Mode = Disassociative

Wheee! I don't have to get up to go to work. I can play all day. Your rules no longer matter to me, I will do what entertains me. You can't stop me now!

This is vacation mode. When we finally get time off from work that is not dictating our actions by someone else's decree.

This is also the characteristical mindset that I attribute to the engagement level of the Disassociative State of Being while online. 

When some people come online under a different persona and anonymity and they suddenly feel FREE. They don't recognize social restraints. They are like the convention attendees that drink, party and break all the rules. Their main goal is to not let any previous constraint curtail their fun.

Online this mind set is commonly known as griefers or trolls. We have all seen them online, on blogs, rolling game chats, and virtual worlds. Some even enjoy making video attacks. They are releasing all their pent up energies by attacking. In this "Please everyone play nice world" There really isn't many outlets for such feelings that will not get you thrown in jail.

The problem is that not everyone is on vacation. Some of us are trying to get work done or release in a "trickle down mode" the tension of the day with some games or chats. So their vulgarity and attacks change our function around into pain and anxiety. 

So in one way, this mode can serve for tension release in our society, but in another it can hurt extremely when an immersive feels the pain of the attacks. Cyber bullying and negativity can hit hardest our teens, which are just getting their feet wet with peer integration and self image formulation. Some do take it hard enough that suicide is contemplated.

This is why I try constantly to explain disassociatives. Not because I think it will stop them(any rule is an invitation to break it for a disassociative), but to paint the picture for our immersives and teens.

We don't have to let disassociatives hurt us. We simply understand their mindset, label and ignore them. 

Example rolling group chat:

Immersive1: Had fun at the mall yesterday.
Disassociative: "You stupid ugly cunt...blah blah blah"
Immersive2: "So did you get those yellow shoes you were looking at?"
Immersive1: "I am really torn whether to buy the yellow or pink."
Disassociative: "You would probably look ugly in either you B___ch."
Immersive1: "Do you know that disassociative?"
Immersive2: "Nah, yawn...just ignore him. He is a disassociative."

There you have it. Feed them with a response and you are giving them entertainment, but you will not do anything but tie yourself up in knots.

Labeling them as a disassociative and ignoring them will drain them quickly and they will move on to more fertile entertaining ground. You never need to think on them again.

This isn't like the bully on the playground. They can't hit you. Ignoring them is the easiest way to survive.

There are valid reasons for all states of being, but to survive you just need to know how much engagement you invest in any interaction. Think of it as volume control.. smile

BTW.. *wink*.. I am headed for vacation....Whee!

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