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The Change Monster

"Your going to do what?!" That is the statement I get when I announce it is time for a change. 

No one seems to be able to accept that someone would voluntarily thrust upon themselves such complex problems as; starting a company, writing a book, or moving across country without knowing what is going to happen. Everyone is afraid of the CHANGE MONSTER! ...."But, But, that isn't the way we use to do it?" "Why would you change?"

It is my particular belief that the universe has us down here to expand the possible dimensions of the universe's program. If, as a subroutine of that program, we are stagnant, to expand, IT will have to throw change at us.

I have had that happen and it is not fun. However, when I take the initiative to interject change into my life, by my choice, somehow things go smoother. I feel more in control and the universe purpose of expansion is realized. A Win Win.

We make our children change classes, do different chores as they grow up. Our children have to biologically & mentally change or we feel we are doing something wrong. They should have learned how to do that by now.

Yet, as adults we seem to SEEK the ruts. Why is that? 

The objections to change are always something like, "But I won't have -(interject comfort blanket placeholder here). 

Change is delightful.

Change is exploring, curiosity, wonder, creativity...everything that makes life worth living. Meeting new people, learning new cultures, fighting new battles and being a pioneer in our own life gives us something to live for besides "What's for breakfast?"

Change is new horizons with new problems but new benefits as well. Experiments should not just be in the lab, but in our very own life. If we have turned our life over to the control of the self-serving company, the government, the family, our peers, when we get to the end of it, can we say we lived a life or was one of the drones?

Maybe I will work at MONSTER University, they were at least smart enough to embrace a total new construct for their energy.

Live a little, create your own monster of change. 

None of us will get out of this world alive..We might as well have a roller coaster of a ride, merry-go-rounds are so boring. Hugs!

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Business Intelligence Dashboard on Friday, June 14, 2013 5:05 AM
Glad to come across your blog where you have shared many useful and inspirational points. I like your selection of content. good job..
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