Is the Internet a Higher or Lower Consciousness?
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Is the Internet a Higher or Lower Consciousness?

In between my Roadside Philosopher meetings I sometimes need my intellectual philosophical discussion fix. lol

There is soul pancake that sometimes has worthy questions, at least, if not always great responses. There is TED talks that has some absolutely amazing ideas along with the get-in-your-face hostility comments.

Even with the most wonderful conjectures and ideas, somebody feels they need to step on it by screaming... "Prove it!"

I often go to Linked In groups to actually share my thoughts. Philosophical associations, TED unofficial and of course my own linked In version of the Roadside Philosophers, which offers me an outlet for my conjectures.

One of the topics I most often feel compelled to respond is on consciousness. Consciousness is not definable by scientists. Most often the scientific community point out only what they can see & measure, which is all scientists can do really, but those with the intuitive feel keep trying to shake them into confessing that there is something more. The discussions get quite hot sometimes falling into name calling. That is usually when I step in and try a balanced "but you're both right sorta" perspective.

Here is one such comment I made that made me think as well. (Sometimes when I write I surprise myself? Maybe I am channeling from another consciousness...WooooOOOOOooooo. lol)

A while back I commented in this discussion on the biological components that affect our outward behavior from the stand point of a computer geek. Yes, if the keyboard is broken we are not getting the right information to our biological avatar, and the system runs with what it receives. There is no doubt that mechanical components can render hiccups to our behavior. That is a given. 

But the component that I think the right-side brain people are trying to explain, and which is impossible to test for while the program is running. (as you know diagnostics can't run on a program till it is stopped) is the "more". Since "more" is the undefinable operating system that, "we" in the program cannot discern, what I believe they are trying to say is..."If the program is running; there is obviously an operating system which enables the program to run." 

Now whether you wish to call that operating system God, Brahman, Spirit, the universe, or Operations (Which is what I call it in the trilogy I am writing, "Hiccup Chronicles") matters not. They are testifying of what is observable to everyone. "My program is running, so therefore something outside it, enables it to run". Not a provable component from within, but seems a simple concept. Like saying I can't have a painting if there is not a canvas, sort of thing. 

To be aware of that fact is a conscious level outside of our mundane, "I need to go to the store, eat, take a shower" mentality. In other words, a higher level of

So what is on the Internet is both. We become aware that existence is not just our frame of reference but a layering. Our human-ness is a composite from the base level needs to the musical, artistic calls outward. 

The middle ground? ...Well the middle ground is what we have to do. We need to pick where we wish to sit in the layers of the universal mind.

3 Comments to Is the Internet a Higher or Lower Consciousness?:

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App for events on Wednesday, July 10, 2013 10:33 PM
I would say,internet is of higher consciousness.With the help of internet in mobile or in our system we can be more aware to the world and conscious about the thing that we should be.
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