What Moves You? My response...
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What Moves You? My response...

You know when you write a book that talks about sex online you're going to get a lot of questions like, *Wink* "So what moves you?" undercurrent double entendre.

My answer: Function

Their face drops. That isn't what they wanted to hear? They want to know my kinks.

I can't give them what they want, because I never figured it out myself, which is why I am the perfect one for examining sex online. I won't get sidetracked with seeking to satiate my own desires. 

I look for what works and doesn't work for the people that have these desires. I examine their joys and their pains and try to find a path that will let them get to a middle ground. I saw and heard great joy and great pain with relationships online. 

I would meet wonderful brilliant people online that then would get drawn into relationships and lose their initial focus and then fall into pain and leave the very environment that engaged them. The medium that provided its powerful engagement properties is blamed. That very medium would be perfect to use in education. (Another of those things that doesn't work that I am trying to fix..lol)

The thing that motivates me is indeed: function. I need things to work. When things don't work my motivation is to Fix It! 

This hasn't worked for me in my classical employment life. When someone hires you to do a job and says do this with a blue tool instead of the needed red tool and then claims it is your fault. I very nicely tell them that. It will not work unless you use the right tool for the right goal. Do not hold me responsible for a result that was not ascertained correctly.

Which is why I work best as the project manager instead of the drone. I can be a drone if you give me the autonomy to make things work. If you say this is the rule and that rule NEVER gets what is desired. I won't be your drone. Function rules for me.

People are important, but it has to be the right people. I interviewed for a position with what I thought was a great company that claimed they were trying to make a wonderful new tool for education. It ended up they were very focused on data and  getting what a teacher, the law, the administrators, the government wanted. 

I asked but what about the student and parents? Apparently that didn't matter. 

The whole purpose of education is to lift up the student, but all they wanted was to serve data to administrators to harass everybody that things were not happening correctly in the classroom?

If the goal is to raise up the capabilities of an individual, then you need the tool to work for and with the individual. More data is not going to aid that person's education.

This is where I pull my hair out. So much time and energy wasted on making things for things that don't work.

So what moves me? 
Questions, Pondering, Imagination, Different viewpoints, engaging dialog and function.

Ummm. but philosophers don't get paid much... lol

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