Artistic Differences-Get It?
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Artistic Differences-Get It?

Art means somebody is NOT going to GET it! That is just the way of it.

Whether you are looking at modern art or classic renaissance; you're listening to  hard rock, rap or country music, there will be someone loving it and others hating it.

I remember going to the Smithsonian's Modern Art Museum with my daughters after we had just spent a couple of hours enjoying the traditional art museum classics. We only spent 15 min walking through this modern museum trying to GET these high profile pieces. If I thought I wasn't cultured, my daughters out "uncultured" me with their jokes and verbiage. But to tell you the truth I could not stop laughing at thinking that a space of honor was given to a tilted urinal? Obviously we did not GET it. Yes, it might have a cultural meaning of pissing on society, but art should require an effort to convey. Less effort should equal less value. A painted line or box across a large canvas did not take much effort so we could see no value, yet people pay millions.

Why is that?  No, I mean really? Why are we humans on such drastically different frequencies?

When someone puts up their creative talents in Second Life (virtual worlds have an amazing collection of artistic people) either their artwork, photography, poems, or music, I walk around waiting for something to HIT me. Something that comes in on MY channel. I will know it when I see it or hear it, but could not tell you in advance why one grouping of colors or sounds FEELS like me and others do not.

We hear, see and feel things on different channels. The human race is a keyboard of resonating notes. 

When we actually can learn to break down and test that resonating component of the human spirit we might just be able to construct the instrument that will allow us to make harmony from these minor and major cords. That is when we will have peace on earth.

That is when science and art will meet, when those resonating frequencies of our life's perceptions can be identified like DNA. Is there such a thing? It is obvious that we all respond to something consistently, so it does exist, but what is IT?

I thought I sang in B-flat, someone else labeled my key as D. I know if a song is in the wrong key I sound like an idiot, the right one I will challenge the talent shows. So if there is a right and wrong KEY for everyone, shouldn't their be a way to test for it? 

I believe our human spirit has a frequency and we each are a note in the instrument of life. Now I am looking for the orchestra pit, composer and conductor that can pull from our universal frequencies and get us working together in a planet symphony. Hugs!

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Zen Greenway on Wednesday, June 26, 2013 9:19 AM
My father and I have a long standing argument regarding the quality of art. He maintains that there is a standard below which some things do not qualify as art. I maintain that art is completely subjective and therefore there is no standard. So I'm afraid I have to disagree that there is a base frequency where we all resonate together. In my opinion, we will always be different, expressing ourselves in ways that will be understood by some and misunderstood by others. Since I feel all art is a form of self-expression, no matter how much effort it took to produce, no one will ever understand all art and no piece of art will ever be understood by everyone. The key, again in my opinion, is learning to accept that we don't understand. Then we can be appropriately respectful in the face of art that seems silly or crude. But then again, I believe there is also art which intends to provoke confusion and disrespect, so my desire to be respectful might be an inappropriate reaction there. The bottom line for me is that art has no rules for its creation or its appreciation.
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Pamala Clift on Friday, June 28, 2013 7:29 AM
Delighted to hear from you Zen! Hugs. That is partly what I was trying to say. We are all at different frequencies and different notes. We don't all have to play the same note to be incorporated into a symphony. All notes have value in their proper place, even tipped urinals. Just because I don't GET something does not mean it does not have value. I do try to understand, that is why I am seeking a way to make a symphony.

ralph lauren on Friday, June 28, 2013 8:37 AM
i make my wife sad today,and she don't want to talk with me?what should i do can make she forgive me.
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Pamala Clift on Tuesday, July 23, 2013 8:04 AM
Ralph, if this is indeed a genuine question and not a bogus spam thing with that name... smile; If you know you made your wife sad today, take it back and redo it. Apologize for something you did that may have been stupid, or unaware and set sometime aside to reconstruct the view of the situation with your true intent. We all bork things up now and then. Good Luck.

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