Freedom vs Security - Is either real?
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Freedom vs Security - Is either real?

Regulations to control? Regulations to provide the illusion of security? Regulations to give lawyers, judges, and clerks work? Regulations that require everyone to read pages and pages of regulations to see if any of it applies to them? Regulations that require you to purchase insurance in case you have missed any of the regulations and become liable? 

The paperwork of freedom is getting out of hand. We are handcuffing our productivity trying to stay legal to regulations that shift daily. No wonder we have fallen behind in productivity.

The legislative bodies have even gone non-productive because no one understands the level of complexity 3 zillion pages adds to the mechanics of society. How should this integrate with that if it is Tuesday and the market has closed, but the currency exchange has devalued our monetary system? We can NOT legislate for every occurrence possible.

I get a little radical here. Function is primary in my opinion. If things don't work, throw them out. We have gotten to a level of non-functional. 

The depth of any transaction should be limited to 3 levels. You should always know who owns something no more than 3 levels deep. You should have instructions with no more than 3 external references.

If something can not be reduced to an If/Then/Else statement, it should not be put in the regulations. If it can be put in that statement, well then...hehe... we should have an App for that! 

There is no reason that life's regulations should not be plain for the people that it regulates to have immediate understandable resources. If it is not plain and quickly understandable, it is not an effective regulation.

As it stands now, even the lawyers have to have lawyers to know or to get an additional opinion if what they are doing works this moment in time.

So what has that done for us? Has this really prevented fraud? Has it stopped the bad guys? Given us any security?

In fact the complexity has given very fertile ground for deceit and spin doctors. A team of lawyers with creativity can find a way to make anyone illegal. 

The required insurance businesses and individuals are made to pay has given money to companies that live to take money, not insure. They have a team of lawyers to find ways out of paying. It is an illusion of security that we are forced to pay.

This is the topic of our next Roadside Philosopher's meeting on July 20th, Freedom vs Security. I shall look forward to the international flavor of opinions as to what has worked and doesn't work in other countries. Hugs to all my free thinkers.

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Zen Greenway on Friday, July 19, 2013 6:38 AM
Ever see the South Park episode "Cent-I-Pad"? I often wonder what the actual legal outcome would be if a company put something totally outrageous in their Terms of Service and then tried to prosecute violators. It's common knowledge that customers have no time to read these things, particularly when, as you say, they change so often. Can the fact that the expectation is so ridiculous be used as a legal defense? I wonder ...
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Pamala Clift on Tuesday, July 23, 2013 7:47 AM
Great to hear from you Zen. No I haven't seen that episode but that has certainly crossed my mind several times. How do we know what we click, when the first line says we can change this at any time? I would like to ask a lawyer if they could use that as a defense because you are totally right this is an unrealistic expectation on reality... so NOW who is living in their Hugs, Pam

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