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Digital Mistress

A virtual exercise partner in the horizontal mamba, or in other words, a digital mistress is becoming more and more prevalent. 

Men need female support and those tantalizing comments that awaken the testosterone components that keep them driving forward. Some naughty words that make them smile and gives them drive.  

The woman that understands that they have needs becomes valuable. That naughty little comment between meetings, or the photo of a body part is like a vitamin B shot for men. (Hence, here comes the digital mistress.) Men have lost a good portion of that support from the in-depth relationship that use to be considered the norm.

According to the NYT the US government census says married couples are no longer the majority. The majority of us are single.

Men are no longer the only bread winners, they no longer can keep women sheltered and compulsively tied to a relationship because there is no other economical way out and so women are leaving relationships. 

So what we have are men that couldn't understand the woman that they married desires, or their women didn't care about their man's needs, looking for that shot of adrenaline in the quickest way possible.

Women want to be needed but can't take the rest of the components of male, but still enjoy the story line and fantasy of being desired. I hear all the time from women that are considering relationships with other women just to get away from the single-minded hedonistic component of the normal "being a guy".

How is this going to break down for society? 

We see now that porn is widespread and that texting seems to have taken over face-to-face communications. If our input and exchanges continue in this direction men will never understand females and their emotional needs, they will get their fix, virtually.

Women see the base need for sex as secondary. Men see it as primary. If men can get their primary need satisfied why take on all the components of a long term relationship? The horrors of having to learn to be gentle and tolerant of the emotional confusion estrogen inflicts on women?

In this economically low point of the world, porn still brings in the money.

 The superficiality of male and female relationships is turning into the same problem as fast food; we are all going to get soft on the skills that have meaning. Less people can cook for themselves, the need to be able to put together a balanced meal has gone to the side and we are getting unhealthy and fat. Will our relationships just turn into that same lazy component?

Is there a way to reach a balance before it totally gets away from us?

What do you think?

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review on Wednesday, November 18, 2015 3:26 AM
it is well
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