Selling the Dream - Is Reality?
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Selling the Dream - Is Reality?

I am often criticized for not living in reality. Yet I can not seem to observe anything in reality that does not base itself in fiction?

I am currently in the market for two things. One is for a new love in my life, but that will have to wait till I land ...Two: a position to fund my passion.

I watch and I observe the way jobs are presented. One of the big red flags is if they present the Frame before the picture. What I mean about that is if they talk about your income first before they talk about what you will do for that income. They have a check list of buy-ins that get you closer and closer, but know if they told you up front what you would have to do to get that money, you would walk away. So they sell you the dream.

The first time I consciously remember that construct I was young and answered a dream of acting in a movie. If your talented, good looking and can act you can make... XXX dollars an hour. Yep you got it. It was XXX rated movies. I kept buying into their dream and step by step they added little hiccups I could rationalize around. Fortunately for me I had a boyfriend with me that wasn't going to have any of it and I was dismissed from the presentation.

You would think that sort of thing would only work on the young and gullible but I almost bought into the same construct just yesterday. The company started with the dream. Work at home and make $45 to 70 thousand dollars a year. We are a company that gives back to society, examples: Toys for tots, local charities...etc etc. We are fast paced growing company and you can move up. We all start in the company at the same place. We do excellent software and you can help people.

They are marketed as a place that gets you a job within 30 days. You would be a career specialist helping people find their correct match for work. Wow, that sounds awesome, getting paid for helping people. 

Is that where they make their money? NO! They make their money giving referrals to educational institutions that need leads. Which educational institutions need the leads? Which ones will pay most for those leads? Yep, the ones that are not valid. If it is a good school with a good track record people are beating down the door for the certifications and degrees.

I sort of got it when I asked directly..."Do you take data on the schools so you know which ones are going to work out for the people?" I was thinking this is still awesome, helping people find the steps to get to the place they would like.

His answer, "NO!". Then he said something totally ridiculous. "It's illegal."

What? It is illegal to gather data on an institution you are referring your clients to? He also quoted ancient statistics about how much more money a person with a degree will make over high school. So it has taken me a few hours to put the pieces together. I still so much wanted to believe the dream. 

They make their money drawing on people in need of employment, with a sympathizing voice and pretend caring so they can get the referral money from the educational institution that needs to fill it's seats to validate their construct. And who will pay the most for that? The educational institutions that don't work! So you make money by selling the dream of progress over REAL progress...sigh. 

I really had such high hopes for the stated goal. It could actually be an awesome societal changing platform. They could validate the education with jobs. If there was not an institution that was adequate they could charge and create their own construct and charge with accuracy what is known to be needed in the market place.

Will I tell you the name of this fast growing company?...sure if you email me. They have far more money selling the dream than reality and I can't afford a lawsuit.

So I will continue looking, but do not tell me...stick to reality. Reality does not sell, only the FRONT of reality sells. The real reality is the dream.

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Alex on Monday, December 09, 2013 7:55 PM
Very interesting read, to say the least! What is the company and who was the presenter? Is it a company most of us have heard of?
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Online training platform on Tuesday, December 10, 2013 12:25 AM
I am delighted today for the first time you have.A source of valuable information in an accessible form through selling the dreams..
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Pamala Clift on Tuesday, December 10, 2013 10:32 AM
Alex if you email me at [email protected] I will give you the information you require, but I will not state it publicly.
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villa turkey on Thursday, December 19, 2013 9:50 PM
I've been looking for information like this for quite a while and found your blog post. Thanks so much for the information.
Reply to comment on Tuesday, December 31, 2013 4:48 AM
you are absolutely right and i do totally agree with you that selling the dreams is reality. So nice content you shared through this post.Thanks.
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Dennis on Tuesday, December 31, 2013 4:49 AM
That was good post.
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Pamala Clift on Wednesday, January 01, 2014 6:38 PM
Thanks Dennis for your validation. Since most of the links I have been getting are artificially linked to websites in an attempt to profit for SEO purposes, it was nice to have someone just stop by and extend a complement. Have a Happy New Year, Hugs Fortunately Google is getting this figured out and their websites with their artificial links will actually work against them.

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