Being Alone? Is that BAD? Are you of less value?
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Being Alone? Is that BAD? Are you of less value?

It is interesting this holiday season how many sad comments I am getting about the fact that I am no longer partnered. That means I am physically in my abode by myself. "OMG how horrid for you during the holidays?"

Trying to explain my feelings seem to be irrevelant.

Being alone is the natural state of being. We are all alone in our mind. No one invades or truly knows who we are but us.

Whether you interact in a group or not you are still inside your mind seperate. Even in a crowd you are alone. How many suffer going through the motions of doing what everyone else expects as normal interaction because it is perceived as the only option? Is that you? Or is that the ritual you go through to block out your own thoughts?

I often think of crowds of family and friends as "television," just background noise to our existence. 

Sometimes interactions are the pinocle of life's existence as you are enlighten and share something internally important. Those times are rare and wonderful, soul to soul communication, and certainly do not always coincide with large groups of people or holidays.

Face to face communication is perceived as the ONLY real interaction, Really? I drove an hour in traffic to get to a face to face meeting of a new Meetup group in downtown Orlando labeled as technology and education, which as you know is my particular interest. The meet up was 5 guys at a bar. I stayed an hour and found a few things in common but left shortly and drove the hour back. Then I logged online with a Google Hangout and had an absolutely stimulating engagement with several different minds across the world that made my slide into sleep quite fulfilled with new perspectives.

Saying that nothing is of value without physical face to face means you have never been enlighten by a particularly moving piece of music? a book? an email? a phone call? or an online communication?

I watch in the middle of December the sprouting of my newly planted seeds of spinach and lettuce with great delight. Nature is still responding with more than I am giving it. I am blessed! 

I have a vision that I am working toward, a goal… a purpose in life that I think adds value not only to myself with the journey, but for others as well. Whether it comes to fruition or not is irrelevant. I have a story and a plot in my life. 

At the time of my parting this biological avatar I will be alone. No one can take that last journey with you. It is only my thoughts I will be examining upon exit. If I have never been alone with them before because I spent my time covering them with loud background noises of others, I expect it would be quite a shock and empty. Will you have fulfilled your purpose in life? Have you identified who YOU are?

When I talk to people I listen carefully for where their values lay and the breakdown is pretty much like Eleanor Roosevelt broke it down in her quote. "Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people."

Those who gossip and find their energy bringing down others are only interested on climbing over bodies and contribute nothing. Those who spend their time observing the world events to make comments that entail no action can be replaced with a good news program. So the only ones that feed society are those that deal with new spins on thoughts and take action to help move them forward. Who are these people? They are the ones that have spent time examining their thoughts and others, so they have had to have turned down the background noise and been alone!

Being Alone is absolutely necessary to bring a person to fruition. It is not only of value, it is essential. If you find yourself alone and morning that no one is there to share with, keep that time short, then turn around and get to know that person that never leaves…YOU!

Amazing how wonderful life is when you live in your own skin and think your own thoughts. Life is good if you have that freedom and have spent the time to like yourself. 

However you envision the Divine, it is your responsibility to get to know how you can interact with it. Whether you think of it as your totem animal, the universe, God or a golden monkey there is that spark that says there is more to know and you have to find a path toward that.

Be not Afraid! We all travel this journey alone, Together!

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geschenkdozen on Thursday, December 26, 2013 7:19 AM
This is like my fourth time halting over your Blog. often, I do not make remarks on website, but I have to mention that this posted letters really push me to do so. really large post….
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