Freedom of letting others be Free.
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Freedom of letting others be Free.

It is amazing how much we wish freedom for ourselves but want to curtail others.

It is also a knee-jerk reaction for women to want to tie down a man for their security, and men's desire NOT to be burdened. So we have a gender issue here.

We have those who think their religion should dominate the planet and they will do whatever they have to do to make others See the Light! 

There are those that say they are scientifically minded and believe everyone elses experiences irrelevant, seeking to step on and smear anything that can't be proved with numbers (as if numbers were not a fictitious construct created by man in the first place). 

Everyone is trying and working toward convincing someone else to do something. Advertising, politics, legal, education all societal constructs are meant to corral a person into thinking like someone else wants.

It is sad really that your validation as a human is in the hands of all those "others".

But what if we REALLY let others be free. (to the extent they do no harm) What would happen? What if we were allowed to talk about the things that made us different without worry?

I have seen for myself the freedom of being non-judgemental grow. In fact, when you take the judgemental out of your perception the only thing left is sincere questioning and listening. "Uh? You like to lick rocks?"

Ok the first thing a judgemental person would do when confronted with such an observation is to pass a judgement that the person is an idiot and try to talk to them about how unsanitary and disgusting that is... BUT if you stopped being judgemental you may just inquire, "Why do you lick rocks?"  

This opens the gate to freedom. Now the person is being respected and not judged and an avenue of communication has opened. Then you are opened to be enlightened by this unusual activity, and may find out the geologist you're talking to is extremely brilliant. You would have missed out on all that if you had stamped out your judgement.

So not judging others is freeing for you, freeing for them and is the beginning of what we all wish from this life: To be recognized as individuals with different talents and needs.

Imagine for a minute what it would be like if people were not afraid to say I'm Jewish, homosexual, drum player, artist, philosopher and met with a question like, "Tell me what that is like and why it is of value to you?"

This insight of life was beaten into my head with the seven years of the Roadside Philosophers. So many bizarre personalities that with time and understanding have grown to flower into the unique beauty of their true selves. 

Wow, the world is inundated with unique perspectives all stuffed on this little globe of a planet, as soon as you set yourself free you will find never ending explorations and understanding await.

Enjoy the journey!

2 Comments to Freedom of letting others be Free.:

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Michele Carsen Kaasen Rubatino on Wednesday, July 09, 2014 3:59 PM
As for "It is also a knee-jerk reaction for women to want to tie down a man for their security, and men's desire NOT to be burdened. So we have a gender issue here." That is not the purpose of marriage, or a relationship. Marriage should liberate, not enslave. Since the law of the universe dictates women bear children, and men produce them, it's a joint effort to carry on the human race. It's God's joke on us! Up until welfare, women were slaves to men, no ability to get funds from Good ole Uncle Sam to feed the kids, orhpanages were everywhere! Women died in child birth at a rate of 50%, offspring died too! Survival is what marriage was about, no modern conveniences, and then of course STD's! The real issue is finding a balance to live in the conditional world and unconditional world, the two are one! When I hear a man or woman complain about a marriage being slavery, I see a person that is not giving more than they are taking 95% of the time! "Everyone works for everyone else!" Aldous Huxley. Our knowledge in our head changes, but our awareness never does! But we can't live in this world and survive without facing the conditions, and finding common agreement on how to carry that out. Apparently, people do not like the idea of extinction, which is why men forced women into marital bliss, due to the fact she and her offspring were dropping like flies! Men with morality declared, you women can't survive without us taking care of you! I like what my mom said when my dad wanted to leave her, "Great, I will have all four kids packed up and they will meet you at the door, HAVE FUN!" He didn't leave her . . laughs!
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Pamala Clift on Friday, July 11, 2014 4:25 AM
Yeah I said a similar thing as I was raising the kids. We can divorce, but you take the kids. It is the responsibility that men are desiring to escape not necessarily the marriage. They have to contribute and it hurts, so they naturally want out. We women don't have a choice. We find ourselves pregnant and in the middle of delivery and it hurts but there is no other option we MUST endure. I am not so sure if there was an option at that time to walk away for women, that many millions would NOT be born. Humans naturally wish to go the path of least resistance. I think both genders tend that way, but women see it as compulsory and men view it as an option.
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