A Call to Trolls!
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A Call to Trolls!

What the &*(&)%[email protected]#$! are you doing? I can hear the response now...lol.

Trolls attack. They get in your face and make you examine every possible thought or motive that made you make a statement online. They are brutal and the more you respond with any type of emotion the more they nit-pick through your innards.

There are immersives that have become introverts, dropped off the web, and even committed suicide because of the viciousness of attacks. I am not condoning this type of behavior, but I can also see a tenaciousness that we need and can be directed toward reworking governments.

We have been diluted of that aggressiveness for the most part. Taught to be good little boys and girls, while the governments take our rights away and respin reality to make it appear that they are doing it for our own good?

Anonymous has been a force for some good, trying to keep life online clear of government interference. (I wonder now how many have been bought by the very entities they attacked and are working for the other side?)

What if all trolls were set toward getting the revolution started, attacking those commercial entities that are making government officials "puppets", exploiting our land, making money off of laws created by those puppets. What if they simply created havoc for the real bad guys. Turn the bad internet trolls into a awesome force for good? Sic 'em guys!

Trolls are among the engagement levels I refer to online as disassociatives. They don't feel the pain they cause because they don't believe it is them, they simply enjoy seeing reactions. 

What if the trolls actually got immersive in their feelings toward change and took that anger out on valid targets instead of pony people? They could become the power that sets the tone for the revolution. The new Paul Reveres of a huge movement? The Troll Occupy movement could be IN YOUR FACE scussballs on every commercial CEO that has bought-out a politician and forced through laws snuck into a good-sounding bills. 

As a philosopher I can see that the universe is maintained by shifting of positive and negative. If that pendulum ever became stable the universe would stop, so I understand that all things sweet and smiley would not be heaven. I see the need for addition and subtraction.

Sometimes subtraction is a good thing. Sometimes aggression is the right thing. Let's see how this could work FOR the cause. Random violence against the weak is not a success, it is cowardness. 

Is it possible for our troll groups to outgun the government bad guys? The question is out there. I have thrown down the gauntlet. 

What will the journey look like? However it pans out... enjoy the journey.
Hugs, Pam

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Indian Stock Market Tips on Tuesday, May 12, 2015 1:02 AM
They get in your face and make you examine every possible thought or motive that made you make a statement online.I have been through several posts on this very subject but the satisfactory information that I found here is something that all other blogs are missing.
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