...But I am soo lonely?
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...But I am soo lonely?

Strange that with so many ways to connect in today's technological world, people can feel so alone.  

Everyone posts when something wonderful happens in their life or how much they love their significant other, which only increases the feelings of loneliness for those that are not actively engaged is some sort of partnership arrangement.

It can seem that all the world is happy and you just don't belong, but it is not so. 

We are ALL alone. That's right. Everyone of us are in our own skin and our own mind, alone! No one truly knows what goes on in our thoughts but us. Even if we are extremely articulate we can only share a portion of the tremulous struggles contained within our internal dialog. 

The problem is we feel we are only complete if we have someone mirroring back that we are ok.

May I extend a challenge and actually applaud your aloneness. You now have the opportunity to become whole. 

Often times we select partners that have skillsets that we lack. He can speak in public, while I am scared to death, or she is so creative while I can only add digits. We then feel more complete because the two of us can do most things. We shove off growing in one area because our partner has it covered. That is like a tree in the forest grows only where the other trees don't cover the light.

But the solo tree on the hill is unencumbered with excuses and must seek to grow fully. The opportunity to become more complete is masked by the conventional wisdom that says we are "no one" if we do not have a mirror-validating partner.

Yet the tree that is solo on the hill is balanced admired and often times remembered and valued in the end. 

The ones in the forest just knock each other down and the forest feels no remorse over the loss of just one-of-the-many.

So be your own best friend, explore your weaknesses and strengths and strive for balance. Have fun taking your own self to the movie, or challenging yourself to expand your skillsets. There are so many alone that it is stupid to not go out and volunteer if you have the need to be social, serve others, but do it because you wish to not because it is expected.

Be that tree on the hill. Concentrate on making the person that is you the most balanced and glorious tree it can be.

Just remember, to enjoy the journey.

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Niela Miller on Sunday, November 09, 2014 12:35 PM
Couldn't agree more!
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Pamala Clift on Tuesday, November 11, 2014 7:42 AM
So good to see you and Michele on here. Two of my very wise philosophers, and leaders in independent thought. Thanks so much Niela! Hugs

Michele Kaasen on Monday, November 10, 2014 8:44 PM
Noticing they are alone is the first step to wholeness! smiles I think because we are in a body vessel, first we seek the other, because we are alone as children with no care we are alone! As if we have to go into the delusion to procreate, and them come back to the realization "I am alone, and always have been!"
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Pamala Clift on Tuesday, November 11, 2014 7:47 AM
Michele we rubbed each other wrong when we first met and you have been rubbing off my rough spots and making me think, ever since with your ...umm extremes. You have a huge group of supporters during your current struggle, and even though you are alone in that deteriorating biological unit (as are we all) you're enthusiasm and positive attitude is one that we could only hope to emulate. Hugs, Pam

Nancy on Friday, November 28, 2014 6:27 AM
Wonderful message! I am now picturing myself as the tree on the hill. As I love nature ~ this will be the perfect analogy for me. I did help serve yesterday, at the Community Center. Over 200 people came to the Thanksgiving meal. Although, serving like that has been traditional for me and my family. Now, I need to go by myself - even if with a friend - I am going by myself. (Yes, it's a challenge to go alone. I am stepping up to that challenge - I went to see a movie alone - and it was very enjoyable. (Going to the movie - not so much that movie. But, I did it alone and will do it again!) Thanks for the message! Hope all is going great for you Up North! I am looking forward to becoming WHOLE! It won't come quick or easy - it will be a challenge - I will succeed! Thanks...
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Pamala Clift on Monday, December 01, 2014 6:54 AM
OH NANCY! You sound lovely, invigorated and in control. I am very proud of you! Well Done! I can see you on the hill now. You're a beacon and I am humbled by your response. The philosophers in this life are most likely solo people by definition, because otherwise we would not be philosophers. Philosophers have to think, and that requires time for reflection on the hill.. smile Big hugs!

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