Stuck in Love Online?
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Stuck in Love Online?

Virtual relationships can be excellent support. They can also be invigorating, intriguing, feed our creativity, and put a spring in our step.

However, when your heart is so involved with your love online that you can not extract your feelings for real life engagements, it can feel like prison.

You are a prisoner of a love that doesn't seem plausible that it will ever come to fruition. You can't move forward with your life and you can't live just online, so what can you do?

It is simple for others to say, "Well forget him/her and move on." but it isn't that cut & dried. You owe a lot to your support and love relationship. Your heart doesn't want to lose that solid connection.

So I am going to give you HORRIBLE advice from the guru standpoint, which says, "Be one and whole". 

You are on a teeter totter of realities. Your heart is in virtual and you exist in the physical world which HAS to have things taken care of like eating, showering, making a living and laundry.

So you Split your stories. Instead of having virtual be ALL your reality for your heart, you start another story, persona, personal exchange and compartmentalize your virtual love to a strict timed allotment. Your chore is to put step by step more weight on the teeter totter leaning toward your real life explorations of love. 

Tell your virtual love of your decision and what steps you have decided to take. If they really love you and they can not join you in real life, then they should understand that you still love them but can't stay solo in virtual. 

If they don't understand in time(say a week), you have hooked yourself a drama king/queen and you will have to do a complete severance, since you can't be made to feel guilty for having a physical life.

What can I tell you? It will be painful for both if a complete severance is needed but usually the pain dies down in about two weeks if you focus on something else.

If your online loved one, does truly love you and wishes for your happiness then they might be your greatest source of "gender translation" as they explain the stories you choose to share with them about your biological pursuits.

"Stuck" is a word that only you can change in your mind. You are far more free than you think. You create your reality and if you are not happy with it in either the digital or physical world, it does not make sense to keep doing the same thing.

The journey is yours to pursue. Think about your direction and go forward consciously not compulsively.


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