To Copy is to Lose! Be Unique...
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To Copy is to Lose! Be Unique...

When you imitate another you will always lose. You can never be the same as the original. So the best you can hope for is second place.

We often compare ourselves to others. I am not as strong as he is; or I don't have her beautiful hair. This list goes on and on with things we are not as good as someone else. 

But no matter who you compare yourself to, one thing is certain... they will come in second if they try to be you.

You are unique. A huge component of strengths and weaknesses that spin a composite that no one can rightly imitate. There is beauty in that. There is also wonder. Every snowflake is unique. Why is that? 

Where do we get this compulsion to be like everyone else? Why does someone else get to dictate how another should be?

Almost everything in the universe has uniqueness. Nothing is exactly like something else. The trees are all different, animals, rocks...I am sure if we were to be able to discern completely the components of insects and molecules there would be uniqueness.

So why is everyone trying to be like...? I need to dress like so & so. I want to be cool and hip like...? You are cool and hip & YOU. Don't follow.

When you interact with someone they hand you the rules, sometimes they do it with their dress. (I am a Dr so you have to treat me like X.) So we take our cues from the mannerisms, dress, and customs of the culture. That is all fine and good when you wish to play someone else's game.

You can never win someone else's game, because THEY have set the rules and will change them so you can't. So play your OWN game. Make up your own rules. Hand off the cues to others so they will treat you the way you wish to be treated. We create our reality. We don't need others to buy into it for it to be our reality. We need to be unique, our fully unique self. One that follows our passions.   

If you are a dog totally that. Don't let the "I love soccer" people rain on your parade. We all have different directions our soul takes us, just like water freezes in a snowflake with unique directions. Does that mean we are not a snowflake? 

Be your passion. Create your game. If your idea of points is how many licks your dog gives you...and that makes you happy, then that is your game and the points. You don't need to be a speed skater, a great painter, or worse of all... The points are $/money. That means you are competing with the world for points that don't bring you happiness. 

There is awesomeness in those that think for themselves. I marvel when I see a person no one else talks to because they don't look the same. I WANT to talk to someone unique. I am drawn to the people who have not taken sheephood as a religion.

Look in the mirror. Marvel at the being that is you. Make you all that your passion and direction wish to be. *wink* I will be looking for you!

Enjoy the journey.

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