No Time to Think!
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No Time to Think!

We are modern. We have LOTS to do. We need to time-manage every moment. There are only so many minutes in a day. The river of life doesn't slow down for anyone.

These are the precepts of our life these days. No introspection, no free time (unless it is scheduled and then few know what to do with it).

If I wanted to make people sheep this is exactly what I would do.  Make them rush around after false goals. Tell them they are not successful unless every second is managed. Make their so called off times filled with entertainment, music, noise. That way they don't have time to think, to question the status quo.

Hunger games, 1984, Brave New World, Animal Farm all have heroically pointed out the step-by-step method of dominating a society. Propaganda and more regulations should eventually shove everyone into line. We will be controlled. 

This is all there is to it:
1. Make entertainers positions of idolizing and the media God.
2. Regulate with insurance, taxes and complex laws every ounce of innovation out of the masses, so only those already in control can survive. 
3. Make sure healthcare is controlled so we can decide who lives and who dies. 
4. Fill their minds with stuff that means nothing all the time so they have no time to think. (paperwork that no one reads, but is there just in case someone wants to sue or the law says so; noise, closed in spaces, ratings or data so they can believe something is better than something else and they can fill their time chasing erroneous data projections or the almighty dollar which is a fiction as well.)
5. Fill their food with stuff they won't let you know about-Monsanto.
6. Keep the people controlled with the unbridled Family courts that even regulate personal relationships.

It is horrible to think with all the information available out there we still don't think. We don't know how to think. We constantly look to someone else to think. The Pope, president, scientist says... instead of thinking ourselves.

Vacations have to be filled with amusement parks, Vegas, family demands etc. Not once have I heard, I am taking a vacation to go sit on a rock to think. lol

I have watched kids who have been filled with noise and meaningless activity wither in almost pain because they were forced to sit outside and think.  It is an unknown activity.

The body is not set up to deal with these constant multiple inputs; so we have sleepless nights as our brain works to defrag the day's events into a cohesive manner it can store in memory. Instead we take pills by-passing memory-saving to the point we don't remember what just happened and wouldn't have the resources for proper introspection anyway.

The Roadside Philosopher's is just a small little organization. Many there have disabilities that prevent them entering the rat race and they actually enjoy examining new viewpoints and thinking. They have time. 

How can we grab those moments back? How can we actually live?

Those who succeed tend to be those artistic kooks, who write, philosophize, make music or art. They are those whose inner being will not be denied. They travel a journey most often close-to-poverty just so they can express the being that is them. To show the world wonder or a moment of beauty is all that is required.They enjoy the journey. 

Please find time to think and discover your own feelings and thoughts, so you too can enjoy the journey.


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