Can't Answer a Question Not Asked!
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Can't Answer a Question Not Asked!

Education has taken all the fun out of learning.

I personally don't think I have left the four year old stage of asking Why? How Come? and What if? I love questions.

But education thinks that they should give you the questions and you are supposed to regurgitate the answers for them on a test and WAA LAA... You have now been educated.

Nothing is retained.  Nothing is learned.  But some one, somewhere now has a metric in which they feel is valid that you now know something. Wrong!

Having a question that you get answered has a wonderful endorphin effect on anyone.

The problem is no one wants to answer the questions YOU have. They want you to respond to their questions. Which of course has nothing to do with making life any more thrilling for you.

Education has to learn to instill questions. Get the "whys?" back in the classroom. You can't answer a question that has not been asked.  You can't get the thrills of your curiosity being satiated if you haven't asked the question.

Watching children unsupervised you see they have curiosity about tons of things, but they want to figure it out by themselves because they want the satiation feeling of success.

This is why self-help books fail to really help. Most of the time no one buys them until they have already messed up and think maybe they know a solution. So they buy a book pretty much knowing what it will tell them.

We humans are horrible that way. "Let me do it myself!" Even if we screw up the experience is more worthwhile than having someone tell us the answer.

Now-a-days it doesn't even matter if you learn anything. Continue Education credits just means, you pay your money and sit in the chair and now THAT means you are certified. Requirements to waste time, and money is normal and we wonder why our country has gone downhill in actual productivity.

We want to legislate peoples thoughts. We want everyone in our own little box, whether it is right or wrong. Whether what is learned if of value or not.

These requirements restrict those that have wonderful potentialities because you have to spend constantly for all the different certifications in their very narrow boxes when humans are vast complex entities. Life crosses over. No one can keep spending hundreds of dollars on something that only those self-motivated will learn anyway.

The world is full of wonderful delightful questions. You can create and answer your own. Please try to remember to nurture the skill set of creating your own questions. Put life back into learning.

Enjoy the journey,

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