Zombie Apocalypse Escape?
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Zombie Apocalypse Escape?

Facebook, at times, has been enlightening, although dismally so... 

Someone showed a video which was an experiment. He went walking around getting signatures to help Hillary banish the Bill of Rights!

People willingly giving up their freedoms and identity as a human and becoming just a cog of the elitism system... It blew me away.

We are brain dead zombies these days believing in "staying in the box". Zombies looking for entertainment and satiation, not introspection or contemplation. But WHO is handing us "the box"? We do what we are are told. "Sit, Rover, Sit". We might just be given a biscuit from the elites. *tongue lolling out, panting*

We have given over our power to this OTHER, they are supposed to be smarter than ourselves. They are not. They are just self interest people the same as us, with less ethics, but they got born in the right place at the right time with connections to other elites. 

They have learned to manipulate the monetary system. Create a tax free charitable organization with a good name that is suppose to be doing good things. Get money from lots of well intentioned people and then use the power of this financial backing to get their way, pay their own bills out of the funds and do a smidgen of what they claim.

Buy a congressman and have their other business get the public tax money in contracts so they can further their own ends. Make sure this method is not available to others. Have the government declare it is a law so that only 'they' get paid, but are not held responsible for doing anything that they are being paid to do.

Have education teach the laws that will be most beneficial to the owners of the corporations and preach to the students to only follow those laws that are created for the good of the elites. Then no one should question. 

Pretend that anyone who learns what they want them to learn will get ahead. In reality just program the masses to do what they are told by giving them  the illusion of possible advancement. To make sure they are kept inline in case they do question, charge exorbitant amounts to pay for this training so they will forever be enslaved to banks with no way of escape....for LIFE. That ought to keep the masses inline. 

Contracts are no longer a two way street. They are committing an individual to a corporation. The third paragraph most often states. We reserve the right to change these rules at anytime. Does that go for the people who sign them... NO. Only the corporation can change the contract.

I am getting tired trying to help people take their power back and think. The zombies have bought into an illusion that no longer exists, but awakening them with the red pill is too painful, so ...

My journey will be focusing on me. I am getting my Zombie Apocalypse house and am going to try to make my escape. I may or may not make it, but I am going to be using my energies for me and not for the great OTHER.

This may be my last post on this blog. The internet is also being taken over by those who can monitor, manipulate, rank and create their own rules, laws and condemnations.

It is my greatest hope and desire that this blog series has helped or inspired a few people, that consciousness is not totally dead, and that some heroes will arise and take on the cause.

May you find the value in yourself without the external illusion and create for yourself a path that enlightens your dreams and inspires your existence.

May you enjoy the journey.

The Roadside Philosopher

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