The Game of Plausible Deniability
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The Game of Plausible Deniability
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The Game of Plausible Deniability

It saddens me when it takes sooo much work to help people understand and see "The forest for the trees."

This is a critical skill, especially in today's political roller coaster with perceptional "fake news".

You have all heard me say my one phrase of wisdom I have learned in my life. "We do not Live for Reality; We live for our fantasies....Enjoy Yours!"

I am about to lay out some words that hopefully will not offend on a topic that perfectly displays the title of this blog. "The Game of Plausible Deniability". The subject matter I will use to illustrate it is Ultrasounds on fetus.

I was chastised at work for congratulating a patient for choosing NOT to have an ultrasound. I mentioned how mental problems like ADHD and Aspergers seem to have a direct correlation to its use. Well that got me reamed by the corporation, when the patient had miscommunicated, and she had gotten one. She then decided to make me the bad guy for sharing with her that information since it made her feel bad, so she gave the place a bad review. Hmmm...

The corporation claimed for every negative research I found they could find something that disproved it. Ok let's go through this step-by-step.

1. Follow the Money: This is always the first thing in the search for truth.

How many horrible occurrences have happened because a drug or procedure was claimed safe and rendered to women only to have the difficulty be shown later in births or children? 

Corporations follow the cigarette campaign steps of plausible deniability

     First-claim it is safe
     Second-claim there is not enough valid research and make no effort to research their own product. 
     Third-if demands for data increase, hire scientists to manipulate results (since they are paying for the data it comes out as they desire—I have witnessed this process first hand. Not by all though).
     Fourth- then as data and results can no longer be denied, express their concern that they got different information and still claim no fault due to ignorance and avoid prosecution.

This is a normal spin situation that is a well-known corporate methodology. Keep the product in the market as long as it can receive a profit. 

2. On the other hand….There is NO advantage to any researcher to report a white paper that goes contrary to convention. It has hurt many scientist, as they get black-balled, since the money for their research comes from either the corporations directly or Federal funds that also are used to validate the status quo. 

It is definitely a horrible occurrence for researchers to have scientific proof of something that they have tested and retested but then have their research squashed because a large corporation goes with the plausible deniability game. 

Corporations have the money to move their search results to the top of Google. They have the money to hire the less scrupled scientists. They can pay to flood the search results with ? opinions to push down the real white paper research. 

I personally met one of the PhD students that worked on one of these many studies as he expressed his deep-seated belief that their research was valid and families were being denied the correct information due to suppression from “Those with money.” 

His heart was sincere and his desire to get the word out was painfully apparent with his only motivation being altruistic. 

3. What Science Is: Scientific method is simply putting out a hypothesis and then testing it. Control groups...blind control groups all sorts of ways to test. But can anyone TEST with a control group how much an ultrasound diminishes IQ or mental agility? 

To do that you need two exact same subjects. Meaning two exact same mothers with the exact same child, one uses ultrasound and one that does not. Later test the IQ and mental agility of each child. ...And you would have to do that multiple times to get sufficient data to validate. 

Well that can't happen. So there can NOT be any real validating evidence saying that it is safe. All that can be done is say, "Well I am sure it is safe. Look at the cute picture."

The only way that it can be used is blindly throwing the product out into the world and then AFTER the FACT, correlate data. That is what my PhD student and his mentor had done. It was definitely statistically relevant beyond speculation. But instead it was squashed.

The entire population of the world is being used as the experiment, and they are still trying to deny it.

4. What IS Ultrasound? It vibrates and heats so that it can be photographed. It sends the sound waves and receives the echoing waves. 

We have a fetus that is growing at phenomenal rates with cells splitting and dividing and restructuring into a complex human being. Then we stir up this process at What point in time? How many new functions are growing, splitting and configuring just at that moment? 

I'm thinking scrambled eggs here...

Yet vanity, lack of research and greed leads us to pretty pictures... and there you have the society of today. Make it look pretty, play the game of plausible deniability and do whatever you wish to extract money.

5. BTW there is research with mice now that says they have used control groups and have seen deterioration in the mice that had undergone ultrasound, but we are still getting our pretty pictures and we are still getting children with less mental capability. The poor parents that have an Asperger child are drained of all resources, but you still won't see any give from the corporations. Even some of the ultrasound associations say that they can not claim that no harm will happen and discourage use unless medically needed.

Maybe I am cynical or maybe I am a realist... You choose. 

Please just be aware of your journey and turn no decision over to the masses, corporations or politics. They all have something to hide, gain or manipulate.

For my political friends. One side is boisterous and doesn't think about the consequences of what they say... The other side has mastered the subtleties, but BOTH manipulate. They are living their fantasy, as are we all. 

Be conscience of your decisions, not compulsively following.

Enjoy the journey.

I'm back!   

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Custom on Sunday, July 02, 2017 11:01 PM
Very clean clarification given and it's miles open to all people. thank you for sharing this submit. that is excellent
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