Nature vs #MeToo
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Nature vs #MeToo
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Nature vs #MeToo

We are all trying to get closer to nature with our food and work-life balance. We understand that fighting nature is a huge uphill battle. 

We seek forest walks, the vistas over water or mountains all contribute to a validation of our place on this spinning globe.

Now if we truly value nature and seek to understand our place.  There are some very valuable facts.

Men are physically stronger than women. That is a fact, not speculation.

We also know that nature does some major changes in both male and female children toward that horrible state known as teenagers. Arrgh!

Knowing that completely controlling this state of our human growth isn't probable. Hormones surge and wain as teenagers try to figure out who they are.

This was obvious enough in our courts that criminal offenses done before turning 18 are not considered part of your adult record.

Now we have the #MeToo movement saying a man is guilty vs memories from a hormonal female about a hormonal male doing teenager stuff that was not even a crime had he been an adult? Sigh.

This is what I would like to have as a take away from this whole crazy episode.  Females are rabbits. Males are coyotes.

Everyone should teach their daughters that they need to brace for males as a possibly uncontrollable force of nature. Just like not jumping off a mountain ledge. You don't hold gravity responsible for your damage?

Young males are coyotes. Not because they choose this, but because nature knows that if a rabbit runs, the coyote will chase.  Education can possibly slow this, but we can not count on it. 

As women we should know entering this stage of life needs to be prepared for as a battle. We don't dress to raise that hormonal tidal wave and increase our possibility of natures trumping cultural restrains. 

We don't go putting ourselves in the lair of the coyotes (especially with inhibition-lowering components such as drugs and alcohol) and expect to come out unscathed. 

I'm all for the #MeToo movement within reason. I have, and my daughters have been violated wrongly because we are females. We are rabbits and we live amid coyotes. I hate being the victim because I am not the physically stronger gender.

Men using their power of position to take advantage or forcefully gratifying their needs on the weaker sex, needs to be curtailed. But we women need to help. It isn't ALL their fault. 

If the rabbit didn't run, the coyote most likely wouldn't have chased.

We need to be aware of our environment and the natural world we exist in, and not blindly think we have a fairy God Mother who will make everything ok. 

Islam puts the fault that men's hormones run wild all on women. They should be curtailed from being seen so that this hormonal interruption does not redirect their energies. Most of us can see how wrong that view point is...

So we have the pendulum now going the other way with the #MeToo movement. It is all on the men to master their hormones. 

Ok, gals... you master your monthly cycle right now... stop crying, stop feeling the way you feel. Your irrational around this time of the month. STOP it! 

If your a thinking person you can see that is not likely going to happen. Mostly because during that time of the month THINKING is not the dominate component. The same thing goes for guys. 

This is the natural world we live in. We are animals of this construct. We need to help each other deal with things that are outside our cultural norms and conflict with natural impulses.

Do your best to not blame just one side. 

We are all on this journey together!


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