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When Preparedness Meets Opportunity- Instant Success

You often hear the phrase. He/She was an instant success! 

That means they were suddenly brought out of obscurity into the public eye for their expertise.

Did they just develop that expertise overnight? The public eye may have become instantly aware, but the expertise was developed over years and many trial & error struggles.

The railway couldn't have sent their first train to the west, until many things happened: the idea had to be conceptualized, the land surveyed, purchased, people hired and years of effort made to lay tracks.

Weighing your Stress

I have watched a difficult situation be evaluated by a team at my new project location.

New ownership, meant new management, meant new software to run, new accounting methods, new business licenses and all the government hoops. Some people leave because it is too stressful, some are asked to leave. No doubt this is indeed a stressful situation causing interrupts to function, but how much are you going to allow it to affect you?

Little things like, "Where are the garbage cans?" can tip the scale, pushing people to their limits.

Agile Personal Relationship Choices

There are tons of articles that tell you how to spend your money, or predict your financial future with offerings of decision trees or unique methodologies, but very little to tackle the emotional drama-trauma that comes with intimate relationships?

So outside of theState of Beingcomponent (see presentation under education menu) to judge at what level of engagement the person opposite is in, I would like to offer one other simple structure.

You have all heard the  "What does it mean to you.

Project Manage Your Life

I meet a lot of Agile and Project Management professionals, but rarely do they think to take their business management expertise and apply it to their own life.

People seem to just be flotsom (material or refuse floating on water). Wherever the wave or current takes them they deal with it as if they have no control.

No one thinks. The day is filled with noise and demands from outside. They keep "background noise" going on all the time so they don't have to examine their own thoughts?

What Moves You? My response...

You know when you write a book that talks about sex online you're going to get a lot of questions like, *Wink* "So what moves you?" undercurrent double entendre.

My answer: Function

Their face drops. That isn't what they wanted to hear? They want to know my kinks.

I can't give them what they want, because I never figured it out myself, which is why I am the perfect one for examining sex online. I won't get sidetracked with seeking to satiate my own desires. 

I look for what works and doesn't work for the people that have these desires.

How Do YOU Deal with Information Overload?

I got a message on my phone. It gave me a beep.

Umm was it a text message?, Facebook notice? Google Plus? Twitter, Pinterest....Was it from Second Life?... One of my 6 email accounts? Skype?... etc.

After vacation I just spent 2 hours trying to sort through the 2500 plus emails in just ONE account. 

I had maxed out my messages in Second Life a day out so lost those trying to contact me in there.

I hate the feeling of incompetence, but I seem to be hitting my overload button. This cannot be healthy for an individual nor society.

Weapons of Compensation-When you are losing the battle?

One of my first and a favorite topics for my philosopher discussions that I bring up every few years is "Weapons of Compensation". When you are losing a disagreement, what do you pull out of your hat to turn the tide. In other words, what is your last trump-card defense.

I like this topic because it focuses on introspection. Less arguments and more ah ha moments, when you start to recognize that a Weapon of Compensation is being used against you, it indicates you have won the argument.

Ok, lets paint a picture of an argument with a neighbor which you appear to be losing after regular sane negotiations have failed, say over a fence boundary or obnoxious pets.

Group Facilitation Online- Or do you just want to be boss?

I just finished my Roadside Philosopher group discussion this morning. Everyone played nice and it was on a hot topic, "Love and Relationships" We had close to 50 in attendance.

Online facilitation has its own methodology. Most of the time it is a disjointed rat race in open chat, or a screaming match over the other person in voice.

I have been doing this now for over six years and trying to get a successful methodology out there. I get comments & approvals from many, but no matter how many see how I do it.

I think I am ruined for Real Life Face to Face. Too Slow.

I have had several Real Life meetings and engagements this last little while and I think virtual has ruined them for me. They are too limiting.

So I decided instead of everyone touting the virtues of Face2Face. I was going to list the things I do and do not like about Real life meetings.

1. In a conference or a meeting you canSEE people being disinterestedin what you are saying. In virtual their avatar looks the same whether they are chatting up the gal next to them in IM or not. There is the lovely illusion that you are holding people's attention.

Validation Fight- Qualitative vs Quantitative

We are a very insecure world. 

As a result we spend a whole lot of wasted energy fighting to prove we are valid.

We are also not to smart..hehe

We look at numbers as the only truth. Yet I know so many that can spin the numbers to be anything you want. Still somehow that doesn't matter. It is easy to see that 5 is greater than 4.. so being lazy we say, "Show us numbers". In reality numbers are most often based on guesses on irrelevant components that are most easily measured. Yet we still think numbers more valuable than opinion and experience.

Group Facilitation-Introverted/Extroverted engagements

I use to teach a class online on group facilitation. One of the key points was:Moderate the Extroverts, Stimulate the Introverts.

Everyone has a definition for Extroverts and Introverts, but mine has to be a little on the humorous side. *smile* 

Extroverts: Speak first, and may think second; Introverts Think first, and if they feel safe, may speak second.

The point being that if you are in a brainstorming group trying to get ideas, if you allow the extroverts to blather on and on, you most likely will not get any new ideas.

With WHO are you connected? DOT?

I work in Agile & Scrum training, which is always trying to make things comfortable and productive for everyone in a software project management setting, which is a good thing.

The problem is the teams are almost all a composite of distributed teams and  cross cultures. It is hard to nail down perspectives.

Why will one team member wish to get straight to work, and another team member from another country is filling air time asking silly questions about member's family? The frustration level for all team members is raised as confusion and negativity swirl.